This section of our website is provided to help our Parents and Carers with how children learn at Higham Ferrers Nursery and Infant School. Being actively involved in your child's education is a very important aspect in how well they will learn and, so in our pages here, we provide you with areas such as downloads to show how we teach in Foundation Class and how we support your child in the basics of Numeracy. Many parents will find these downloads useful because they might not have been taught in the same way, leaving them wondering how they can help their child.

We also offer information on how you can ensure your child maintains a healthy lifestyle, through good diet and excercise, which we deliver at school and is great to keep going at home too!

You will find websites to visit with your child, each of which we know has been shown to help in learning and are fun to use. We also provide a number of support websites for parents and carers.

Supporting your Child's Learning

Often we are asked how we teach children the basics of numeracy and literacy. We use a variety of techniques supported by well trusted resources. This page holds some of those resources so that you can download them and become activley involved in your child's learning!